Tuesday, October 9, 2012

3DC to Railworks - Locomotives

3DC to Railworks - Locomotives
by Jerry "SMMDigital" Conaway

This tutorial will explain, in moderate detail, the steps that are needed to put a modern diesel locomotive into the simulator. We will cover most of, but not all of, the techniques that are required for this.

Before beginning, it is assumed that you have a basic knowledge of image editing programs, the 3DCanvas/Crafter modeling program, .ACE image file converters, the Railworks Asset Editor, and the World Editor in Railworks.

Section 1: Bogies, Part 1, Part 2
Section 2: Bodywork
Section 3: Detailing, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Section 4: Cabview, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Section 5: Paint Your Wagon, Part1, Part2, Part3
Section 6: Animation - Part 1, Part 2
Section 7: Blueprinting - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Section 8: Basic Scripting
Section 9: Afterward and Revision History

Amabilis - Makers of the 3DCrafter program.
3D Trains - Color charts for North American railroad paint schemes.
G-Trax Sims - Normal Map Tutorials as well as links to the NVidia Normal Map Plugin.
Railroad Fallen Flags - Railroad photographs, but more importantly, links to various locomotive manuals that you might reference for your project.
Trainiax - Access to locomotive drawings to use as templates.
The Diesel Shop - Minimal locomotive specifications.

This tutorial is a culmination of knowledge gained during 2-1/2 years of working with the Railworks train simulation program. This know-how was gathered from sources such as the forums at Railworks America and UKTrainsSim, as well as varied and numerous individuals who share a selfless enthusiasm for the world of railroading. Truth be told, this tutorial is being put together by one person, but is in spirit a community effort. Thank you goes out to all who have been involved.

Jerry "SMMDigital" Conaway
July 2012, all rights reserved

Published with permission from Jerry Conaway


  1. This tutorial is one of the best things that have happened in the last two years. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for having re-posted this excellent tutorial.
    And thank you for Jerry Conaway, for its commitment to doing this tutorial.

    Regards from Italy. ;-D

  3. Great tutorial but could you do this as a pdf file?

  4. Thanx!!! This is exactly what I need.

    Could it be that 3d crafter is not free if you need the ts addins? The pro version costs €70,-. Which is fine but I want to make sure I need it..

    Best regards,

  5. Glad you found my site and I could be of some help.

    Yes, you will need the Pro version to get the RW exporter.

  6. In plug-ins, I can not find Shift Centre on Player. Please help because this tutorial is amazing!

  7. Hello papa xpress I wanted to ask whether it is possible the 3DC file from the locomotive to get shut because I have the naming of parts difficult times For example, Section 3 part 2 step 154

    1. Hi Timo, I am sorry but i don't understand your question. The names are important for various reasons. Sometimes the name is reserved so the game can use it, most other times you need to name a group so you can easily remember it in the blueprint or LUA, and lastly there is a restriction on the length of the name (30 characters if I recall).

      I hope that helps you.

  8. A felt hundred years too late: but thanks a million! although i work with 3ds max this tutorial is by far the most helpful asset in stock building so far!!

  9. Do you think you can do a tutorial on how to bring assets in game?

  10. I talk about this in the first set of tutorials:

  11. Is this basically the same you can do on blender? Because im broke and can't afford 3dc, also if you could point me to a video tutorial on how to do this kind of stuff if ya can't help me that'd be great

  12. Not really sure if the publisher is quite active here, hopefully he/she is, because i will soon start on my own project and may have some questions

    1. I still hang around, but I am not setup to do any 3d modeling at the moment.