Friday, November 2, 2012

3DC to Railworks - Making a Wayside Signal

3DC to Railworks - Making a Wayside Signal
by Jerry "SMMDigital" Conaway

This signal tutorial will explain, in moderate detail, the steps that are needed to put a SafeTran V20 wayside signal into the simulator. The signal we will construct will be rudimentary; advanced construction techniques such as UV Wrapping, Environment and Bump Mapping, Extruding, etc., will not be covered in this tutorial.

Before beginning, it is assumed that you have a basic knowledge of image editing programs, the 3DCanvas/Crafter modeling program, .ACE image file converters, the Railworks Asset Editor, and the World Editor in Railworks. The texture file that will be used has been pre-made.

Click each photo to enlarge for further details about the image.

A discussion thread has been opened at Railworks America so that the community and those interested in signal building can bring forth ideas and solve issues concerning this tutorial.

Part 1: The Head
Part 2: The Post
Part 3: Export and the Asset Editor
Part 4: Multiple Heads
Part 5: Afterward and Revision History

Jerry "SMMDigital" Conaway
July 2012, all rights reserved

Published with permission from Jerry Conaway


  1. great Tutorials
    Can we have the rest this one when time permits please... wonderful

    1. Absolutely! I am waiting for the RCAP signals to come out (version 2) which will have the non-Kuju LUA scripts for controlling the signals. When this happens I can continue this tutorial and reference them.