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3DC to Railworks - Locomotive: Afterward and Revision History

3DC to Railworks - Locomotive: Afterward and Revision History
by Dan "PapaXpress" Vystrčil

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So what changed between the original and the current version? Not too much. All up to part 4 in the blueprint step is intact. I added part 5 to blueprinting on how to add your locomotive to the trainset filter. Jerry said he would not create a tutorial for, but he gave us the steps to complete on RWA, so I formatted it and added screenshots. I also moved the brief section on scripting from part 4 into its own section.

Is there anything missing? Nothing missing per se but there was going to be a section on Documentation and Testing which Jerry never got to. I can say from conversations with him that he was disappointed with the testing process. Those who volunteered to test generally came back with a more positive response than with any criticism; constructive or otherwise. Since I was part of that testing group I know there were problems with the C39-8 (I pointed out several). He did fix many of the issues, and you can download this locomotive from the RWA library in the near future.

Do I plan on making any changes to the tutorial? Perhaps. I currently have three engines in the works (including the GP40-2 from Jerry) and I have developed my own process for modeling, texturing and scripting derived from what I learned from these tutorials and experience from super detailing projects with Mike. For example I would not have animated the ditch lights, instead I would have scripted them. At that time Jerry was unaware of how to do this through scripting. Another difference between our styles was that I would have made a few of the detailed objects like the horn and brow child objects so the could be easily customized, however; the saying goes "All roads lead to Rome" and this is certainly the case for Jerry's work and thus I will leave as it currently stands. If I were to add anything it would be to the scripting section as it was rather lite. I happen to like scripting so I could provide more depth to it.

Do I have the source for the C39-8? No. Jerry wanted his work to remain in its final version. As such he refused to give me the source for it (which I respect). If any changes need to be made to it I can certainly look into it, but like the Brindley and Cornell models, it will be up to the community to evolve the model as they can.

I hope you enjoyed this series, and learned something new about 3DC and Railworks.


1.2012.1030Completed uploading, checking and adding part 5 to the blueprint section and a separate part for scripting.

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