Saturday, October 20, 2012

It goes vrooom vrooom

Recently  José "Scailman" López posted a very unique model to the RWA library. A F250 Maintenance of Way vehicle.

Original (with out the scotchlite)
This happens to be an item people have been requesting for years, and Ta-da! here it is on the rails. Its a pretty nice model, but what caught my eye was the simplicity of it (this is a good thing). It screamed for more than just a repaint... then MadMike finds this on the Internet:

I knew I had to drop everything and make some parts, which in the end totaled seven. A new six inch strobe, angle bracket, running boards, six inch truck lights, corner markers, PA speaker and a truck rack. I wish the original rack, or ladder could be been removable. It would have increased the variations we could make.

Super Detailed
The truck lights work, and the strobe flashes. Mike did the repainting, QA for the new parts, and tuned the blueprint so it could  couple to the SAD MOW rolling stock.

Coupled... but needs adjustment
Mike is also working on a UP variant with a few of the parts removed. When both are all done and he has received permission from  José to do so, he will package it up and post it in the RWA library.

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