Tuesday, December 25, 2012

RCAP and me

What is RCAP? It stands for RailWorks Community Asset Project. Its a new venture into freeware route creation. Will it replace RSC source materials? Heavens no. This project came about after RSC monetized the Kuju US assets which were once part core simulator. To say the least this hurt a number of freeware routes which were in progress or already released and it certain hurt the feelings and good will of several model builders of our community (myself included).

How do you use RCAP assets? The assets are protected under the Creative Commons Public License, which you must agree to during installation, so I highly recommend that you read the license (yes its important). After installation you will see several new assets prefixed with "RCAP:", just place them on your route.

Where can I download RCAP? You can find it in the file libraries of RailWorksAmerica, Trainsim, and (soon) UKTS. I am sure there will be discussions about it in all three forums but since I live at RWA here is the link: http://railworksamerica.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=38

So what does this have to do with me? Well until a short time ago I was looking up a very tall cliff wondering how to climb it. This was of course the NSAND made by Jerry "SMMDigital" Conaway. Just before he left RailWorks he expressed his vision was to have the route truly freeware, and should not be available for released unless this could be done. What I thought would take months in fact would be years. Until RCAP. I am happy to be included as part of that team, and you will see many of my existing and all of my new models released in the upcoming versions of this ongoing project. This also means that there is more than one person interested in bringing NSAND back to the public, and bring it quicker than if I were working on it alone.

And the CC?

Yup. Just give it time.

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