Wednesday, October 31, 2012

3DC to Railworks - Locomotive: Blueprinting Part 5

3DC to Railworks - Locomotive: Blueprinting Part 5
by Jerry "SMMDigital" Conaway,
adapted by Dan "PapaXpress" Vystrčil

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In this section we will briefly cover how to add your locomotive to the Trainset filter.

529. First, you need the PreLoad folder placed as a sub-folder in your Locomotive's main folder.

530. Inside, you need a file called "YOURLOCOMOTIVEmetadata". Instead of going through the trouble of creating one from scratch, I assimilated the one from the Dash 9. It has adapted to serve my culture.

531. Once you open the copied metadata file with RW_Tools, all the namings are pretty self explanatory. You simply change the data that points to each RSC locomotive .bin file to data that points to YOUR locomotive .bin file. Save and close it.

532. Now you need a 256x128 image of your locomotive, placed within a folder called LocoInformation, placed within the Engine folder of each locomotive you wish to show up in the browser. This image should be a .PNG, and it should be named "image".

533. To show information about your locomotive, you will need another folder inside the LocoInformation folder called "En".

534. Inside the En folder, you have an html file called "Description" that contains the info about your locomotive.

You should now be able to see your engine in game.

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Published with permission from Jerry Conaway, 2012

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