Friday, November 25, 2011

Donner Pass

I cannot begin to express my disappointment RSC's Donner Pass route (released yesterday). In fact I will not say much at all, because other voices are already piling it on faster than I can keep up, and I agree with the majority of what is being said. I can only hope that RSC will listen to its community and take the time which is needed fix the route, and make it as good or even better than the Horseshoe Curve, which should be their measuring stick because the detail, and experience is spot on.

I believe Railworks has all the tools needed to be the best platform around for running trains. If you have any doubts then take a look at the Horseshoe Curve (by RSC) or Portland Terminal (by G-TraX), and some of the freeware routes available: Montour, Big Horn Sub, C&O Alleghany, and if you are tempted to try a beta, Seattle Route (which is teaching me a thing or two), and this is just to name a few! These are the routes which truly define what this simulator is about. I can only hope that RSC wakes up and takes the position lost to them, as the leader of not only the product, but the community they created around them.

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