Monday, October 3, 2011

CC Planning

What is the CC?

I am currently creating the Capital Corridor here in California. It runs from Auburn to San Jose on what was once the Southern Pacific mainline. I am doing this for a few reasons, first it was my dream to model it in N Scale, but fitting it all together is problematic and there is a budget to consider (I have none). The second is that both my boy love trains just like me, and its my hope to recreate the scenes of my youth watching the old SP roll by. Third its just darn fun!


A lot of the industry that existed 20 years ago in my home town is no longer around. I my intent is to add them back while still keeping the main line in its current form (UP and BNSF runs around me now). So the line is going to include some historic blending of "what if" and may include part of the line that have been ripped out in order to allow scenario writers to "time machine" back to the steam days when SP and WP owned the rails. I plan to create a scenario set in the current day, which will provide a historical walk through of the main line. When I am done (or acceptably operational) I will likely to share this route with the RW community.

What does the route look like?

Route Map

Whats left?

A general list of tasks to do and completed, with some time estimates (updated when I remember). Usually one night's work is about 2 hours, and on average I work on the route about 4 days a week. I started a more detailed issues tracker on Google Docs.

Phase I
  • Layout decals for the main line between Sacramento and the start of Roseville Yard (2h)
  • Layout track for the main line between Sacramento and the start of Roseville Yard (4h)
  • Layout track for the main line between Richmond and Benicia (8h)
  • Layout track for the main line between Oakland Terminal and Richmond (2h)
  • Cleanup track work between Newark and Niles (4h)
  • Cleanup track work between Niles and Pleasanton (4h)
  • Cleanup track work between San Jose and Santa Clara (4h)
  • Cleanup Yards (SJ, SC, NEW, Shinn, Hayward, OAK, Richmond, Sunsui) (18h)
  • Finish adding in all the small business (12h) 
  • Level all track (24h)
  • ReDem more the back of Mission Peak (the edge of the world should be much further away) (2h)
  • Correct speed limits across all of Phase I
  • Start stabilization of Phase I (3w)
Phase II
  • Cleanup track work between Shinn and San Leandro (6h)
  • Layout decals for Roseville Yard (30m)
  • Layout track for Roseville Yard (24h) 
  • Start stabilization of Phase II (2w)
Phase III
  • Layout decals for the main line between Niles and Tesla (aka Numi, aka GM) (2h)
  • Evaluate if I should extend to SJ for legacy WP trackage. (6h)
  • Start stabilization of Phase III (2w)
  • ReDem area between Roveville and Auburn (2h)
  • Layout decals for the main line between Roseville Yard and Auburn (6h)
  • Layout track for the main line between Roseville Yard and Auburn (20h)
  • Create background scenario which will run through the main line and site points of historical interest
  • Add cab sway to the line
  • Assess the difficulty of how to "time machine" the route back to the 50/60's for steam operation (WE NEED AC CAB FORWARDS!!!)
  • Create present time Nile Canyon Railroad scenario just for fun
  • Need mountains across the bay!
  • Need to start laying down scenery. 
  • Need to build LOTS of scenery.
  • Add BART