Saturday, July 2, 2011

Niles Tower

I was going to post Part 3 of my adventures in texturing the CC, but I am excited about getting pictures of Niles Tower. A couple posts back I spoke about taking a trip down to The South Bay Historical Railroad Society (SBHRS), and the promise of pictures of the late Niles Tower, and today I was able to take my boys down to the station with a thumb drive in my pocket. These pictures were taken by the gentlemen in who offered them to me, but he requested that I make the copyright out to the SBHRS library, to generate more interest in their museum. Below you will find just a few pictures from my album (45 pictures total). 

I little history about myself. My Dad owned his own business in downtown Niles. His shop faced the tracks so on Saturdays when I was over helping him with the store, I was able to see SP freight move by two to three times a day. When I was a bit older, but not any wiser, I walked the tracks, exploring up Niles Canyon, and Niles Tower (yes I crossed that bridge you see at the bottom). The lady that worked the tower was friendly, and explained how everything worked. The view was great as I watched as UP and SP thunder over the cross. I visited there three times, and the tower was soon abandoned. Among rumors of trying to move and preserve the tower, it fell victim to arson.

I am constantly looking for more material on Niles Tower, but two online sources of its history can be found here and here. I hope you enjoy this small piece of history, and my life, and another big thank you to SBHRS for letting me share the pictures.

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