Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Better late than never...

I am switching gears back to repainting... specifically the RWA Donationware. I have posted about them before and its time to make good on all those teasers I put out there.

The SSW 40' Hi-Cube repaint is available for download in the RWA library. It requires that you own the RWA Donationware freight package, which can be obtained for a minimum donation of $10 to the site (its well worth it). I have spoken about the RWA community often, and this is one way I can help encourage others to support the psychical site as Hawk (owner and admin) has made it clear he would like to avoid using advertising to subsidize the cost of maintenance. Other RWA members have joined me in this cause, and you can find their work up in the library as well.

I've been sitting on this repaint for awhile now. I did make some slight alterations since then. The first was to correct a problem with the right side door. It seemed to be doubled up making it darker, so I had to lighten it. The next was to make a weathered version. Originally I was not going to make 'new' and 'weathered' version of this package, but what took 4 hours to deliberate was completed in less than 20 minutes. The last modification was to try out styckx's High Pass Filter Tutorial which did make a slight improvement to the lettering.

A nod of thanks to MadMike for confirming the problem with the door, and doing the final QA work for the package.

I hope you enjoy this repaint it was fun to do, and as I stated before, there are more to come.

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