Tuesday, November 13, 2012

RSC asked some questions, and I gave some answers.

I usually don't spend time to fill out a survey, however; in this case I wanted to see what RSC was up to. The warning up front was that it would take about twenty minutes to complete, and it did take that long for me to finish.

I won't get into the questions they asked because I want to get straight to my point. RSC is not using Facebook alone to gather data, and that means its being serious in reaching out to its users. My advice to you is this. If you get invited to take this survey, please put aside some time to answer it carefully. Your answers may very well inform RSC which direction to take their product (I can only hope toward my interests). There are some areas where I was able to reply with direct feedback on how I felt. Those that know me, know where I stand on certain issues with RSC and I believe relayed this to them in a very polite and professional manner. After all I don't want to grief them, I want them to listen. I hope they do.

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