Friday, October 14, 2011

CC Progress (2011-10-14)

Wow, what a journey.

Even though I am not done with all of the tasks in "Phase I" I know I have met a milestone. Its that rush you get and you need to stop, not for any reason like its getting late, or your eyes hurt, or you need a cup of tea, but because you have that sense of finality. When you know its safe to step back an "see" what you have accomplished, and let out that sigh of relief that you made it this far.

I am proud to announce that the mainline from San Jose all the way to the start of the ever impressive (and monstrous) Roseville yard is complete.

Next on the list is the arduous task of leveling the track, and back to work I go...

hehe, not really.

I will be slowing down a bit and switching tools to work on repaints, and models (I just bough 3DCrafter). I may even play some of my other games just to keep me from burning out on route building. When I get back into it the next step will be to level the tracks. To help me with this I ordered a book of track charts so I can make the grades, speed limits, and signaling as accurate to the actual line as possible.

I'll wrap up today's post with some screen shots of the areas I just finished up with, and some I have improved on (like Oakland). I am even tempted to make a small movie just show things off a bit and to have some fun riding the Capital Corridor.

Roseville Yard (tracks seen are the mainline pass through)
Sacramento Station
Carquinez Strait
Double Tunnel Trouble
Oakland Terminal (some new parts added)

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