Sunday, July 24, 2011

Leave your troubles behind you... or fix them so you can forget them

Its been a busy week, both in game and out. Just before I immersed myself back into the paint can to release some RWA repaints, I did a little work on the CC. I did not finish connecting the main line between Davis and Suisun as I originally intended, but I did fix an issue that was eating away at me, which was the terrain fallout in Richmond and Martinez. It took a few hours to figure out what had happened. In Richmond the tiles stopped suddenly -000091. I know I had the terrain before because I had lain track along those tiles (now skewed due to the sudden drop in elevation). I looked through all my backup files and determined that this problem occurred before I started doing backups (have I learned my lesson yet?). Then I started looking at why several ReDem's done after that time didn't include these tiles. As it turns out, USGS was truncating the western side of the area I requested. I don't know the reason why it was behaving this way, but if I had to guess I suspect I ran into a margin or extended beyond maximum area which did not occur when I first started the route because I did not have Niles Canyon included (running eastward). I was able to work around this by asking USGS for a new BIL for an area from -122.38 to -122.00 longitude, purposely moving the coordinated west and asking for a much smaller area instead of what ReDem calculated by using the route path CVS file. This gave me tiles -000098 through -000092 and and Richmond is happily above sea level again.

The second problem in Martinez was strange but simpler to fix. Somehow I lost a whole swath of tiles and all the backups I had were from a 1/9 arc-second BIL... my route is using 1/3 arc-second, and they don't mix. I already had a BIL on hand from a past attempt to ReDem and after it did some heavy lifting, the hills were back and the shear cliffs were gone.

Suisun Bay received a little love and started filling with water. I am debating on making a new ground texture that will match the color of the bay since the muddy, marshy, and sandy textures won't work here, its almost turquoise, and if I sink the default grass texture a bit it almost matches. While I was in the area I added more decals between Richmond and Martinez almost completing the shore line track which will end up being (in my opinion) one of the more scenic parts of the route.

Before I closed the route down to back it up, I spent some time in Oakland working on the yard. There were still a few glitches in the tracks which caused SBHH errors, and a spectacular derailment where two tracks met but were not welded, but it looks like I finally fixed it all since it crashed on me months ago.
In other news the work bench has been pretty full. Buzz has a new KCS GP30 coming out of the paint shop which needs some auto-number texture magic.

I have started doing some QA on the new BLLW Pennsylvania passenger cars (more on that later). Trainguy76 has finished modeling an A403 XP box car, and I am testing the texture mapping.

Also construction continues on the LINC.

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