Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Three Cardinal Rules: "Back up, Back up, Back up"

Well I failed to follow the three cardinal rules: "Back up, Back up, Back up". I added something last night that RW didn't like and now I am trying to fix it blindly.... and I haven't backed up in days.

I know where it the problem is in the route, as I can fly around the area, but not go near it. I think it has to do with a platform I added there.

Update: Well all is not lost. The error is hiding in two of my 'Track Tile' bin files. Unfortunately these two files encompass the greater part of my work in Oakland Intermodal which was an accomplishment I was quite proud of. I will tamper with the XML in the bin files and see if I can remove the offending object(s), at worst I lost three days of intense work.

Late night update: Thankfully Win 7 had a copy of a slightly newer version of the two bin files. There was still quite a bit of track missing, but I was able to crack them open using RWTools and add about half of the rails back in. I still don't know what RW is choking on. The XML in the bin is well formed, and just from a number of spot checks (there are over 10,000 lines in this one) nothing seems to be miss. I have some theories, but until I understand the object structure of the track tile XML, I won't comment.

If anyone is interested in how I came to the conclusion that it was my Track Tile files, I first removed the Scenario thinking it was a bad consist. I then used RWTools to check the integrity of the route, but it only found a few missing scenery items. I then started looking through my route folder at any files that had a new file stamp. I was lucky that I checked my track first.

So the moral of the story is to remember to back up your route.

And now for screen shot of Oakland Intermodal. This is after 4 hours of investigation and an hour of adding some track back. You will see where there is track missing by the single turnouts.

And now to play some Portland Terminal...

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