Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Super Pennsy... 1200

Britkits recently released an update to its SW1200 model bringing it up to TS2012 (RW3 between you and me) standards. This shifted MadMike into gear to revisit the repaints he did for this model since the texture maps were changed (but not by much). And then came an interesting request. Could he do a Pennsylvania?

The answer was of course 'yes', but I had to throw my hat in on this project. There were two items which made this engine stand out among its sisters, which were the triangular arrestors, and the air coils over the fuel tank. Britkits did not offer either of these, but... I knew I could.

I also helped MadMike dirty it up a bit.

This supper detailed model is available for download at the RWA library.

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