Thursday, March 22, 2012

Concrete divided by six months... now available

Those that follow my blog should know by now that I take close to forever to release something I make (or perhaps they have simply forgotten since I took so long). Lets wake up some brain cells (I am speaking of mine, but if yours needs a stretch feel free to join me). Remember this post?

Well, I finally finished them. This was the second model I ever made for RW, and I was still getting the hang of SketchUp. Boy did I miss something big, like "oh my, I how could I have made them as tall as a sedan?!". This was a side effect from creating them in metric in SU, which did not translate well in 3DC on the import (which was also metric). Luckily I was able to take 3DC model and do some quick scaling (in feet) and now they are the correct length, width, and height in game.

As you can see it now sports a fine safety yellow coat, and no longer glows in game (good thing I sat on them for this long). This model is freeware, and come with the standard copyright and freeware stipulations, like remember that I was the one that made them, and no, you are not allowed to make money off of them. Its all in the readme, so please take a moment to read through the details.

It feels good to release something. I ought to do this more often. I am trying to carve out some time to work on smaller models (note the new domed flashing beacon on LINC 81?) while working on larger projects to break up the monotony, but its been hit and miss, and I regret to say any real progress be made until the summer time when the baby sleeps through the night.

You can download the concrete divider in white and safety yellow from RWA file library.

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