Friday, January 6, 2012

RSC is not the Titanic

A topic came up on RWA today that amused me. Its amazing how fast people are willing to jump to another product when they are dissatisfied with what they have, even though RSC has already made strides to address their community on these matters. To make matters worse it appears that its all out of spite. Let's take a step back and look at why I think this is the case.

Product 'New' is not even released, and people want it. Yea, I know this feeling. I had this itch when Android 4.0 on the Galaxy Nexus was announced. Hands down that was the phone for me (and its a great phone by way, I love it), but lets consider the differences. Product 'New' will be version 1, Android is already on version 4. RSC is on version 3. Why does moving to a untried, not even tested platform, from a already working (though buggy) platform make sense? The saying 'out of the pan and into fire' comes to mind. Will this stop people from moving to Product 'New'. Nope. Risk and new toys, and trains are exciting.

Lets recall what RSC is actively doing. They are a small company, but they have heard our complaints. They have opened a beta program which is suppose to resolve the performance bugs. This is happening right now. Its not some announcement for what might happen, or something new that is in the works, or just an idea if they had the resources to do it. The point is that this is a bird in our hand, not dreaming about the other two hiding presumably in the bush, and honestly we should wait until supper time to see if the hunt was any good.

Lastly there are many members of the RSC community that are stepping forward and making the current system better. Developers both payware and freeware are not up and leaving Railworks, they are releasing or re-releasing their products with the new enhancements. This is happening right now. Product 'New' will need to get some legs before it gets that level of support.

Now, not to put Product 'New' down let us consider: What if Product 'New' is good? What if its really good? I say that's a win-win for both RSC and Product 'New'. It creates a climate of competition, which if positive, will make both product teams strive for improvement and perfection. RSC is not going to sink because of Product 'New'. They want to remain in business, and this makes me confident they will make the correct decisions and give their community what they need and want.

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