Saturday, October 15, 2011

I don't have to worry about the wife and the postal carrier

But my wife has to worry about me.

No our local postal worker is not drop dead gorgeous (she is as old as my mother in law...), but she does deliver the mail, and today mail made me a very happy man.

This is the complete 2002 Union Pacific Track Chart - Roseville Service Unit book. Yea I know I am showing Shasta... but it looks so cool! If no one else gets to it before I finish the CC I will definitely start it. The information inside is the real deal. Mile posts, elevations, signals, and of course track. Having this in my arsenal is going to make building my route much easier.

I don't think I have said it before, but a nod of appreciation goes to Micaelcorleone over at RWA for sending me in this direction (way back in June!), it just took me awhile to realize that I really do need this information.


  1. Haha, just saw your thank you. You're welcome.

  2. This book has been an invaluable resource. There are parts of the line where track is completely obscured from Google Earth and where the terrain from USGS is off by a few meters. I can fix all of that.

  3. It definitely is a great source. I have the Roseville chart, too. When I started with the Feather River Canyon way back I realized the same you described above: Even 1/3 terrain is sometimes very inaccurate. I don't trust elevation data anymore and strictly follow the grade of the charts. (I hope to resume work on the FRC route someday this year btw. But now it's Durango&Silverton.)