Monday, October 24, 2011

CC Progress (2011-10-23)

I am really loving these track charts. They are a few changes when you compare them to what Google Earth is showing, but the difference is negligible. I now know what all the subdivisions are in my route, and I have updated my task list to reflect what is left to do in each of them. Here is the modified task list for Phase I and II:

Phase I

  • Niles - Old SP main line from Niles junction all the way to Magnolia (Oakland Terminal)
  • Coast - Old SP main line which I am starting from San Jose through Newark to Magnolia
  • Martinez - Old SP main line from Magnolia to Roseville Yard
Phase II
  • Warm Springs - SP and UP from Niles to Milpitas
  • Milpitas - SP and UP from Milpitas to San Jose
  • Oakland - UP main from Tracey (I am starting in Pleasanton) to Magnolia. I will include the Nile Canyon Rail Road in this sub. This work was originally in Phase I but I moved it into Phase II to balance out the work.

This weeks progress has been concentrated on the Niles subdivision. I completed the yard at Strong, all of the crossovers, and added the platform at Oakland Coliseum. Almost all (90%) the signals are in place now, and the spurs (80%). I just started fixing the speed limits for the line, and leveling the track, and I need to add platforms at Hayward and Centerville.

Entering Strong yard running North

Strong yard from the Map

I am getting a little concerned about the frequency of SBHH errors I am seeing. In the last few days they are occurring just as soon as I load up the route, which is very new.

There are somethings I will just need to live with, first is that I will not be leveling the track to elevations that the chart shows. Its just too much work, and its actually when I laid the track to follow the terrain it ended up quiet close. I am using the charts when the elevation in the editor is questionable. The second issue is that I do not have the correct signals on the line. In many places the standard UP three aspect is used, but there is another target type three aspect which was around when SP was in charge and is still in use today. I am not talking about the elegant single target signals, this is a three light target. I need to read up on this beast. For now I will be using the in game standard signals. If I feel up to it, I will model this type and swap them our where I know they are being used.

Signals at Jack London Square

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