Friday, August 12, 2011

SP 100 ton Bethlehem Hopper Repaints (Released)

The SP 100 ton Bethlehem Hopper repaints are available for download in the RWA library. These repaints require the RWA Donationware freight package.

I started this repaint back in April and you can already guess that I wasn't happy with the quality. Since then I have added a High Pass Filter layer, created 'dirty' numbers for two of the three models, adjusted the lettering due to stretching, and used an 80% gray alpha channel.

Is it perfect? no. I still see areas where I could improve the lettering, and where some of my hand made decals are a bit fuzzy because I sized them larger. So why release? Simply because I need to draw the line somewhere, and I am now comfortable with the end result.

There are still a few more RWA SP and SSW repaints left in the queue so I will continue to be busy for the next couple months (at the rate I am moving at).

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