Friday, August 26, 2011

Color thy Numbers

I have just released a new set of rusty white numbers for the RWA Donationware freight package. As always they are available for download in the RWA library.

... but what else have I been up to?

Aside from doing QA for MadMike... making number fonts and colors for his repaints. I have found this to be an exerciser in patience and frustration. Trying to match colors while attempting to make your alpha channel mask as sharp as possible, while clearing the cache between tests because RW does not read in the number textures if you just reload the scenario... and then seeing that the numbers are jaggy because that's just how it works... It was time for me to take a break and blog about it.

The model used in the last week of repaints is the freeware Brindley 'improved' GP15 available at the RWA library. The quality of this model is pretty good, and the textures have been laid out clearly, but lacked a few details that would have really made it pop! While I worked on new numbers, Mike took on the challenge of adding the missing pop, and I have to say that he's done a fine job. He first created a completely cleaned and labeled paint template (up on RWA library). Then he reworked the door and latch highlighting, added a bump mask, and reworked the body and bogie textures. In the process he also figured out what happened to his alpha channel. Apparently there was no background layer when the alpha channel was created, so he added a new textured layer underneath the parts and it removed the masking affect. 

Really? Its just been numbers this whole time?

Not really. As always Real Life Rules. The family took a long weekend off to travel a bit. Then there is preparing for my first son's first day of Kindergarten, soon to be follow by my second son's first day of Preschool, and for good measure lets not forget all of those doctor's appointments for the third one on the way... Started Soccer practice... My work place is moving offices... life is busy, which it should be, and its all good.

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