Friday, July 15, 2011

Train Simulator 2012

We have a date! We have anticipation! We are starting to turn blue from holding our breath!

Aside from my faint sarcasm which I am going to keep my reasons to myself for now, this is really good news. The improvements have been spoken about off and on since last Christmas, and its good to see the team at RSC are focused and committed. Personally I was expecting a release closer to the end of the year, but September is only a month and a half away and I'll take that and run. However. There is another side to this silver coin, which is how does backwards comparability work? I asked some questions about it on the RWA thread, but it seems they missed them. As a route builder and repainter I have an interest in this. Will my route have to be converted? Is there a tool to do this? And what happens if I didn't get rid of all those SBHH errors in Oakland Terminal? Will it find them and crash, or try to fix them, or leave them alone so I can deal with them at a later time? Even more importantly, are there things I should avoid doing now on my route to make the conversion process run smoother? There is one issue I can put to rest, which has to do with trees. I can certainly wait for the new tools to add all the tress to my route, and I wouldn't be surprised if route builders have already started ripping out their hand laid forests so they can use this new technology.

As for repainting I am not as worried (though in a passing email MadMike has me thinking about things). From what RSC is saying all the existing engines will run without problem, which means that rolling stock should as well. But there seems to be enhancements in this area as well, as RSC also stated that they will update all their engines in time. We will need to wait and see what all that entails, because no one is talking about it right now.

What really strikes me as odd is that no one has yet asked if the SBHH message has been replaced with something more meaningful (like what the bloody problem was).

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