Saturday, July 16, 2011

SSW 50' Flatcars (Released)

The SSW 50' flatcar repaints are available for download in the RWA library. These repaints require the RWA Donationware freight package.

Painting this model (for both SP and SSW) was bittersweet. I enjoyed working on the obvious modifications of adding the road markers, placards, brown paint, and rust, but then came a nice challenge. I really wanted to change out the wood texture for the bed and bulkheads. Oddly this felt like shopping for a new pair of shoes, which is not something I do often (ever two years or so). Kinda 'ooooo I can splurge' feeling.... odd huh? It was also the one item that I changed at the last minute before I sent the package off to MadMike to QA. The texture I originally used didn't feel right, and it took over a month (in fact I found it yesterday) to find it.

Final Wood Texture
On the down side there are two small problems with the model, which will be more evident when I release the SP repaints. First is that the numbers are in the wrong place. They need to be lower near the road name. The second is that the model only supports five digits. This is not an issue for the SSW repaint since they only used numbers in the 50000 series, but it will be a glaring issue for the SP (soon to be released) which used six digits.

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