Friday, July 29, 2011

CC Progress (2011-07-27)

Well the good news is that I fixed the line between Davis to Suisun. The not so good news is that I am not entirely happy with it. There is a slight S curve in the line now. Visually it looks odd since it looks like the line is kinked. I will leave it be for now, and see how it rides.

I also extended the line past Suisun striking toward Benicia. I will stop there and begin to work on extending Davis to Sacramento. Then I will finish the winding road from Emeryville to Martinez.

While laying decals and track I was surprised to find another WYE just south of the station.

Following this branch line lead me to a number of small industries, including Anheuser-Busch Co, then I found another WYE west of that, which leads south west to Vallejo and then north to St Helena deep in wine country. The possibilities seem endless with this route, and if I turn back the clock to the 50's and 60's SP would be king again... but alas, would not my route fall just as all the empires of old fell? By reaching too far across the landscape would I cause loading issues, create new and harder to fix SBHH errors, and just extend the time to complete the route? Remember this is suppose to be fun, not work.

In the software industry we call this "feature creep", and it can kill projects by starving them of resources, money and motivation. The last is what hobbyist, especially those who build models need the most. My route is already a 180 mile Goliath, and its my first route to boot. So my decision is that I will not be extending too far past Anheuser-Busch Co. Hey, how many routes in Railworks do you know have a beer industry? Like the saying goes never turn a gift beer down (unless you know its horse piss).

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