Monday, June 13, 2011

CC Progress (2011-06-12)

A few things to report in this update. The first is that I was able to clone and fix the RSC Live Oaks. The process was as simple as how one would do repaints:

  • copy the base model folder
  • remove any unneeded files
  • alter the paths in the bin
  • update the textures
In this case I did not need to repaint the textures since I all I needed to do is copy the summer texture to the rest of the season. I then went a step further and created a 'dead' tree by using the spring texture. There was a kink in the plan. I discovered that the paths to the textures in the GEO file were hard coded back to the base. This ment I would have to alter the GEO and I was a little worried that RSC would frown on this. I posted about this on RWA and after a bit of back and forth was happy to find out that the core models can be altered and redistributed (giving credit where due) without any permissions. The key word here is 'core' which means 'what came with the core game, and not any payware add-ons'. So now I have my own set of corrected Live Oaks. It does stop there either. Trainguy76 was kind enough to offer to make some trees for me if I could get him some photos. I now have the camera in the car, and I hope to get a chance to stop in the cayon to take some.

Other progress includes adding more water features to the Fremont quarry lakes, fixing some of the SP line in Niles Canyon, doing some work in Oakland Inter-modal, and finally breaking my silent rule by heading north to place some decals around the Sacramento area. I just had to lay some track out of the areas I have been looking at for weeks. Its a good thing too. I found more titles where the elevation from ReDem is not present. I will need to address this soon before I add enough content to really screw my self if I do something wrong by adding those tiles back in.

I'll have some pictures up soon.

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