Friday, May 20, 2011

What's on the workbench?

  • Doing some light QA work for BLLW on their up coming Bay Window caboose. Just from proof-reading the Installation/Repaint Guide I can tell this will be a great model. (and Yes, I will repaint it for the SP... unless MadMike gets to it first)
  • Playing with Britkit's updated MP15DC. The changes make this kit really shine now. Positionable number boards, SP lights... MadMike will have a field day with this kit. If you own the original and would like the update, you need to send Dick Cowen (Britkits) an email with your order information so he can quickly verify your purchase and send you the new download link.
  • Almost done with a modern Cotton Belt 40' Hi-Cube repaint from the RWA donation ware package. Just need to finish up some lettering and weather it.
  • Gave the CC some love. Planting trees mostly, but with the size of this route that is a career in itself. I discovered that there don't appear to be any Eucalyptus trees available
  • I may have found someone to help with some of the buildings I need on the CC. Jpetersjr over at RWA has kindly accepted my request to model Niles Tower, and possibly Centerville Station (SP Type 23). I have in return offered to do some repaints for him. 

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