Sunday, May 15, 2011

CC Progress (2011-05-15)

I haven't reported any progress on the CC in a month now. The route is still moving along at a very slow pace due to concentrating my efforts at repainting, and some light QA work for the fine community over at RWA. I can say that Newark Junction has all its signals up and some scenery has made it on to the field. I also added more to Oakland Terminal Yard, but not enough to say its functional.

I still need to pull up the tracks (again) in San Jose, just past Santa Clara. I found a better approach to laying the track, and it will help make it look more prototypical.

As for the repaints... I am finding that I have a bit of "repainter's block" (aka perfectionism). When I started the task of making the RWA repaints I thought to do "the best job I could" and just knock them out. Now that I have learned more about the types of cars I am repainting, and where in history they fit in, I am finding I could do them more justice... but should I? I think the answer will be to find a happy medium.

And just to end with a picture... Mad Mike has done it again (download at RWA):
pic by buzz456@RWA (used with permission)

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