Thursday, May 5, 2011

50 - 10 = 40

And thus the PS 40' was born...

Wait a sec, its the other way around, anywho, GreatNortherner over at Gold Age of Railroading just came out with a PS 40' box. The template is practically the same as the 50'. Now before anyone starts thinking, 'Hey, why not just duplicate your 50' reskin to the 40'..." you need to consider that SP did not have any 40' HYDRA-CUSHION boxes.

The good news is that I can reuse I number of my layers from the 50' project to the 40', which I have already started to do, but that's not everything. There are a couple late 1950's boxes I will make as well, and they will need new lettering, branding, and color. The Overnight used silver, and standard used a darker brown.

So far I am looking at 6 new and 6 weathered skins, which turns into a couple weeks of work.

If you are interested in this free PS box, and repaint template,  they are currently up on the RWA site. When they are available on the Gold Age of Railroading, I'll post a link to there.

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