Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Test 50' PS1 Box Car

Michael Stephan of Golden Age of Railroading invited me to try out his new 50' box car he is close to finishing (it will also come in a 40' flavor which I will use for paper and lumber work on the CC). The repaint kit was easy to use and since this model had smooth sides, I am finally able to attempt to add the "HYDRA-CUSHION" logos without it getting bumped by ribs.

Here is my test run to get a feel for the size of the model. I need to enlarge the SP and HC logos slightly and move them lower (compare it to the 50' to the left (which has the dreaded ribs) and you will see what I am getting at). Then add lettering, and finally fix up the numbers so they start in the 660 to 680k series.

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