Tuesday, May 3, 2011

50' PS1 Box Car - Southern Pacific Repaints (Released)

Its a great feeling to finish a project which was an accumulation of many 'firsts'.

+ First time shrinking a layer
+ First time rasterizing text and slanting it (HYDRA-CUSHION)
+ First time hunting for the right texture (thanks to Mike on getting me to do this, it was worth it).
+ First set of files uploaded to RWA (or any RW site)
+ First contribution back to a great community

And my repaint list grows:
- Take the PS1 repaints I just did and alter them to Cotton Belt (shouldn't take long)
- Take what I learned with the PS1 and touch up the RWA wagons I have been working on

If you want to download my work, please visit the RWA site, and look for the 'File Library' link and then 'May 2011'. You can also use the search box and look for PapaXpress.

And what would be a post without a pic?

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